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Dog Sledding In Alberta

14 Dog Sledding

Feb 21, 2021 12:01 AM By: Zachary Edwards

Dog sledding is alive and well in Alberta, and an adventurous way to enjoy the winter. Here’s some things you should know about this incredible experience.

Alberta winters aren’t exactly known for being warm, but Albertans are known for making the most of the cooler months. While dog sledding has been around for centuries, it has recently experienced a resurgence in popularity. You can now go dog sledding all around the province, from the mountains in Jasper in Banff to the wide open plains of the Prairies.

What makes dog sledding so special? And why should you try it? Here are a few reasons:

Get Outdoors

There is a real temptation to cozy up in the Albertan winters and stay inside, but that means missing out on one of the most beautiful seasons in the province. From the wide open prairies to the rugged mountains, Alberta truly is a magical place in the winter.

Dog sledding is a chance to experience Alberta’s beauty in a whole new way. Nothing really matches the pull, excitement, and views that you can get with a dog sled. But the true appeal of dog sledding is the sense of rugged adventure you can’t get anywhere else. Dog sledding is exciting and free of modern day distractions. With the right guide, you can enjoy hours of exploration and feel like you’ve gone back in time. Plus, you get to hang out with a few friendly huskies, which is never a bad thing!

Hang out with Some Lovable Dogs

Speaking of huskies, they are what make dog sledding something special. Your team of proud pooches love to run around the countryside and work together, and your guide will help you learn how to work with your dog team. You see, dog sledding is more than just a way to see the sights. It’s a team sport that you play with a group of lovable dogs. What could possibly beat that?

Get off the Beaten Track

While roads can get you most places, there are plenty of places to visit off the beaten track thanks to dog sledding. By connecting with a local dog sledding company, you can see your part of the world in a whole new way, or head to another part of Alberta and go where few people have gone before. With a dog sled, you aren’t bound by the road. You can go further and experience more.

If you want to do something truly unique and adventurous this winter, then be sure to look up a local dog sledding company. There isn’t quite anything like it, and it’s the perfect way to experience the Albertan winters in a whole new way.

Article By: Rocky Mountain Outlook

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