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Benchlands Flow Trail Concept Designs

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Hot off the presses!!

Concept designs have been submitted to the Town of Canmore for the incoming Benchlands Flow Trail. The Town's project team will be doing community engagement this month, so keep watch on our blog and Facebook page for more details. 

The Open Space and Trails Plan has been developed in response to these concerns, and with the following guiding principles in mind:

 • to provide opportunities to gather, play, and connect to our natural environment
 • to provide a functional transportation network for pedestrians and cyclists
 • to provide sustainable trails for residents and visitors that are accessible, easy to navigate, and suitable for a variety of skill levels and interests
 • to respect important wildlife habitat and maintain wildlife connectivity within and beyond the Town 

Taking into consideration the current needs and wishes of residents, visitors, and wildlife, as well as anticipating future needs and trends, the plan makes suggestions for future use and development of trails and open space in Canmore. Because our trails and spaces serve an ever-increasing number of users, careful management of these resources is more essential than ever. 

For more information contact the Town of Canmore directly or click here to download the Town of Canmore Open Space and Trails Plan.

Note: the designs below are the exclusive property of the Town of Canmore +
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