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5 Easy Steps to Declutter Your Home!

When preparing one's home for sale, Sellers are faced with a number of different questions as to how best to get top dollar for their home when it sells. Should this countertop get upgraded? Do I need to replace those appliances? How much will a fresh coat of paint help? While all of these could certainly make a difference, there is one action that all people can take that will always help, and it usually doesn't cost a penny - decluttering. It can be a daunting challenges, but clearing out unused, unwanted, and broken items from a home (and often garage) can make rooms and spaces bigger than they have in years, and lets potential Buyers see those spaces as they were meant be - big and bright. So how does one best tackle the unpleasant job of decluttering? Follow these 5 simple steps below, and you will be clutter-free in no time!

1. Set aside a time to tackle the job and be safe to enlist some help. Many hands make light work, as the adage goes. If everyone is on board at a designated time, you have a starting spot for your much-needed cleanup.

2. Designate space on the driveway or within the garage for four categories: Items You Will donate; Those You Will Sell; Treasures to Keep; and You Will Toss items. 

3. Methodically decide what to keep. Consider when you last used the item and the likelihood that you will need it later. For any broken items, ask what the chances are of getting around to fixing it. Lastly, consider the cost of an item replacing would be greater than the value of the space if kept it will occupy.

4. Dispose of items and hazardous materials. Ask neighbors or friends if they use of materials you INTEND to toss. Donate items are in good repair to charity. Lastly, check with your municipality for solid-and-hazardous waste disposal programs.  For example, the Town of Canmore hold regular hazardous waste disposal days for items such as paint, offers pick up service for large items being thrown away (don't just leave it outside the bins!), and has a fantastic electronic recycling depot for broken and outdated items.

5. Temporary storage. Renting a storage container for the driveway or a professionally managed storage space are other options that can buy you the time you need to create your dream garage. More than simply a place to park the car, a clear and empty garage can be a space that can be many things to many people - such as mountain toy storage, not an unfamiliar sight in Canmore! Declutter and let your imagination take it from there. 

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