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20 Smart Ways to Enhance Your Front Door Curb Appeal with Flowers

Warm Lighting Flowers

It is time to clean up your front porch and think about your summer look. Here are 20 ways to spruce up your curb appeal.

What’s the first thing people see when they approach your home? Your front door! Since it is highly visible (even from the street), choosing how to style and decorate your front door area could take some planning.

If you want to leave your guests with a good first impression, read on! We’ve come up with several ways you can personalize and decorate your front porch area.

From antique lighting, over-sized planters to welcoming seating areas, we show you a variety of ideas.

One of our favorites is #12, a do-it-yourself flower tower that looks so adorable. Also be sure to check out #20, a unique woven flower bed that’s sure to catch some attention. Go ahead and start browsing the ideas below, you’ll be glad you did when you walk away with some great ideas and inspiration.

1. Antique light fixture:

2. Beautiful barrel planters on wheels:

3. Bold and bright flower arrangement:

4. Bright topiary:

5. Oversized matching planters:

6. Shrubs in terra cotta pots:

7. Stylishly manicured shrubs:

8. Tall and elegant planters:

9. Warm lighting and flower arrangement:

10. Welcome home arrangement:

DIY Instructions at

11. Bird bath flower bed:

12. DIY flower tower:

DIY Instructions at

13. Flowers in a charming chair:

DIY Instructions at

14. Colorful headboard flower bed:

DIY Instructions at

15. Log flower bed:

16. Raised brick flower bed:

17. Raised flower beds with lighting:

18. Vertical flower bed:

DIY Instructions at

19. Window flower bed:

20. Woven flower bed:

DIY Instructions at

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