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The PURPOSE of this website is to help you determine if the Rocky Mountain community of Canmore, Canada, one hour west of Calgary, Alberta is simply put, “a pretty darn good address”. Our wives say “We could sell our house and move somewhere else ~ but why would we?”

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"Wilderness Welcome" by artist Stephen Lyman
courtesy the Greenwich Workshop

“Wilderness Welcome”, by artist Stephen Lyman, inspires us to imagine what journeys into wilderness can mean to our heart and souls. Through art, you can share sensations of being in the true outdoors. We hope through your travels, visits to, and residence in our community of Canmore, that you can explore, discover, study and enjoy the all-encompassing beauty of the unspoiled nature that surrounds us.

You know, when we were putting this website together, weresearched what a lot of other property agents were doing around the globe. We tried to be as honest as we could about what we feel the Canmore Real Estate marketplace represents. Look below; can you tell the difference?


coveted community

stunning natural beauty

sophisticated sanctuary



friendly people abound

great views

interesting things to do

A Banff Centre Conference on Amenity Migration in June of 2008 introduced us to the concept that more and more people are keen to travel and are pulled like the tide, relocating to areas rich in natural amenities for purposes of work, recreation or retirement. The Rocky Mountain community of Canmore, Alberta is fast becoming one such area. With all this interest, now might be a terrific time to consider investing in a Canmore Real Estate condo or house.

Valley assets include first and foremost, the people who live and visit here, and the Town knows it. Townsfolk have an understanding of how important it is to take care of such a gem of natural environment, and why the Alberta Real Estate Foundation supports sustainability initiatives that speak to our sense of connectedness to Nature and to each other. As a prospective Canmore Real Estate investor, please enjoy the attached Canmore Home Buyers' Guide to Environmental Stewardship which speaks to our shared responsibility to help look after this special place. ( PDF download ).

Roadmap to Understanding and Fun

Now that you know the PURPOSE of this website, you are probably asking “How Do we Get There; Where’s the Trail?“.

CanmoreRealEstate.pro will explain what Four Essential ATTRIBUTES (the four truths), of Canmore are.

Next, everything you want to know about Residential ZONING (the four things you can and can’t do with your Canmore Real Estate) is made clear.

CanmoreRealEstate.pro offers VIEWS of some awfully sweet properties through a special Multiple Listing Service web access (accompanied by four cool jazz tunes from Karem Gorsev of Istanbul).

Last, you are provided a DOOR, accessing many convenient connections to Jim or Jordy, your Canmore Real Estate Pros; including SKYPE video conferencing.

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